Dec 23, 2019

Feb 12, 2019 Two Thirds of Russians are Internet Users - Survey The CEO of the TNS-Russia think tank, Ruslan Tagiyev, gave slightly different figures at a conference on April 17. He said at least 76.5 million people above the age of 12 (or 53 percent of the country’s general population) use the internet at least once a month. Russia closes its grip on the internet | PBS NewsHour Apr 11, 2019 Russia bans VPNs to stop users from looking at censored sites

Jul 12, 2016

Russian senior citizen Internet users 55+ - Russian Search Mar 14, 2016 Russia May Unplug From Internet To Test Its Cyberdefenses Russia is considering a plan to temporarily disconnect from the Internet as a way to gauge how the country's cyberdefenses would fare in the face of foreign aggression, according to Russian media.

Nov 01, 2019

Russia Is About to Disconnect From the Internet: What That Oct 31, 2019 Russia internet: Law introducing new controls comes into Nov 01, 2019 Cisco nnual Internet Report ighlights ool Russia - Internet Users Internet Users • In Russia, there will be 113.3 million total Internet users (78% of population) by 2023, up from 92.7 million (64% of population) in 2018. • In Russia, there will be 122.8 million total mobile users (84% of population) by 2023, up from 121.0 million (83% of population) in 2018.