Setting Up Proxy Server for Facebook Access in Internet Explorer 1 . Click on tools and select “Internet options” 2. Select “connections tab” 3. Select “LAN settings” 4. Click on “use a proxy server for your LAN” 5. Input proxy information and save changes

A Facebook proxy shields your original IP address and makes websites believe that the IP provided by your proxy bears your true identity and location. Using a proxy through Facebook is a fast, efficient way to create multiple accounts at once, unblock accounts, and scrape the site for relevant content. Mar 24, 2018 · Select advanced settings at the bottom of the settings page and click on Change proxy settings Select your internet connection name and then select settings Now you need to enter the copied proxy server address and port number in the text box given in the dialog box. Easily access blocked content and websites with our FREE web proxy. Hide your real IP address and encrypt your internet connection to protect your privacy. Surf the web anonymously without third-parties spying on you. Dec 18, 2008 · it's the only proxy thing that's not blocked at my school. it's going to give you a bunch of secuirty warnings but just press ok because i've done it before. just type in and it takes you to facebook like in another language. and it loads really slow but it gets you there.

Mar 29, 2019 · Browse Facebook. Once you've loaded the site in the proxy, you can start using it. Because the information is being displayed through the proxy in your browser, certain elements on the page may not load properly. This usually means that the layout won't look correct, or videos won't play. When using such a VPN for Facebook access, the designated IP address you are given will, after your first Facebook login, be recognized by the site. From that point on, Facebook's security bots will not go on full alert each time you come through the VPN proxy.

Aug 27, 2019 · If you want to access Facebook securely from anywhere, you have to use a VPN. For those of you who want to not only gain access from geo-restricted countrieswhen traveling, but to also gain access to Facebook securely from anywhere (even your own home!) – then a VPN is your answer. May 14, 2020 · Switch on the VPN and select a server location to browse from. If the content you want to access is location-specific, make sure to select a location from which it’s available. If you just want to secure your traffic and hide your IP address, you can select Optimal location for the fastest speeds. Aug 14, 2018 · In this case, using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic such that school proxy server can’t tell bits from Facebook or those from Wikipedia. To unblock it at work – Many employers block access to social networking sites at the work-place, to minimize on time wastage and improve productivity.