I believe this streaming method aims to save both YouTube’s and your bandwidth plus allowing the video to start streaming as soon as possible. If you are still experiencing buffering problems in video sites such as YouTube, you can give both accelerator programs a try.

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Does not work properly. Options menu jumps like a Texas horse. There is no a chance to select something and save. Verdict is a raw , alpha version, without Quality Assurance verification.

Troubleshoot problems playing videos Troubleshoot account issues Fix upload problems Fix YouTube Premium membership issues Get help with the YouTube Partner Program Watch videos Find videos to watch Change video settings Watch videos on different devices Comment, subscribe, & connect with creators Save or share videos & playlists Troubleshoot Top 9 Ways to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed - Updated 2020 Using Youtube open DNS will help you in speed up the youtube video buffering. How to use YouTube DNS in Windows 7/8/8.1 Firstly Go to Control Panel and Click on Network and Internet then click on Network and Sharing Center. How to watch YouTube Videos without Buffering? - Techno

Eliminate buffering of YouTube & other web videos - Watch smooth HD videos with Premium acceleration - Available in 15 languages Independent Review Video expert Dave Kaminski tested an HD YouTube video on a faster than 20MB connection and it got stuck 25 times,

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